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Greenfield Project - Cheyyar



In view of the emerging opportunities to exponentially expand our operations, a new state-of-the-art facility is planned at a green field location. The facility will house a modern alloying plant, die casting foundry and machine shop. Alloying plant and foundry at the same location offers the unique facility to transfer molten metal thus reducing re-melting costs and paving way for a cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution. New generation real time closed loop control diecasting machines, CNC machines will offer high quality cast parts meeting global standards.

Project Concept / USP:

Integrated self-contained unit comprising of Alloying, Diecasting, Machining, Assembly and Tool shop in one location.


 Location / Area: Cheyyar. (80 k.m from Chennai.) 12 Acres (49K SqMtr) of Land.
 Built-up Area (Phase-1): 75000 Sq Feet.
 Project Cost: INR 75 Crores (16 Million $) over a 2 year period.
 Project Commencement: January 2011.
 Building & Infrastructure Completion (Phase 1): October 2011.
 Trial Production Start: November 2011.
 Total Machines:  About 20 machines over a 2 year period
size based on customer